Quality Window Renovations


Window Installations and Repairs

Deciding to get new windows for your home or building can be a difficult decision. Sunny Exteriors has a long history working with windows and we are confident in our ability to find a window solution that will fit your requirements.

Prior to bringing us in for a free window renovation estimate, you may want to consider the following:

Moisture and Condensation

Homes and buildings with older windows often have problems with moisture and condensation, especially during winter months. Sunny Exteriors can assist you with determining the cause of moisture and whether or not you need to have your windows replaced.


Similar to moisture and condensation problems, older windows can also be the cause of heating issues in your home or building. Before taking on a window replacement project, Sunny Exteriors will determine the reasons why you may be experiencing heating issues and make recommendations to address them.


Safety is an often overlooked consideration when replacing windows. Sunny Exteriors will discuss the various safety features available so that you, your family, and building residents feel safe.


Older windows can be difficult to open and frustrating to clean. Sunny Exteriors installs a wide variety of window types that make opening, closing, and cleaning windows easier.


During winter months, heating and light from the sun is desired. During summer months, often it is just the light that is desired. New window technology and coatings allow us to have what we want throughout the year. In addition, protecting fabric from UV-damage is a consideration that is often overlooked. Sunny Exteriors will help you choose the right type of windows for your environment.


Renovations are not just about making your home or building look good now. You want to know that the renovations will hold value long-term, especially when you list your home or building for sale.  Sunny Exteriors will work with you to determine the right type of windows for your situation.


While it is important to have windows that include the above considerations, you also want them to look good and match the style of your home or building. Sunny Exteriors will work with you to find the windows you love.

At Sunny Exteriors, we value the relationship we have with our suppliers and highly recommend their products. We source many of our supplies from Kaycan Siding and Gentek Building Products.